Single Cell and Spatial

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Single Cell and Spatial Transcriptomic Methods to Understand Cancer

Dia 23.04, a partir das 13:00 (Horário de Brasília).

Clique aqui para inscrição! The vast complexities of cancer are characterized by heterogeneity across samples, from tumor cells and tumor microenvironments to therapeutic responses. Elucidating disease mechanisms requires deep understanding of these complexities. However, traditional assays and tools that analyze tissue in bulk miss significant amounts of information and context due to limited throughput and/or resolution. Through innovations in single cell sequencing and spatial transcriptomics, solutions from 10x Genomics help researchers investigate the body’s response to tumors, discover tumor-associated mutations, and uncover mechanisms of acquired resistance to therapy. Join 10x Genomics to learn how researchers are using our single cell assays and spatial tools to gain multi-dimensional views of cancer at unprecedented resolution and scale.

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