Atualização de portfólio GenDx

Vários de nossos produtos receberam recentemente algumas atualizações. Continue lendo para saber mais!

  • Protocolo exclusivo e adaptado para seu laboratório, para rotina de NGS

  • Amplificação NGSgo AmpX v2

  • Amplificação de genes KIR

  • Nova placa de index NGSgo IndX

  • Nova versão SBTengine 3.26

Crie seu próprio protocolo de bancada para NGS! If you are using multiple NGSgo products, multiple IFUs need to be combined to obtain the complete protocol. To make this easier for you, we have developed the Bench Protocol. This document contains sections from the latest Instructions For Use, automatically combined according to your preferences. Select your amplification strategy and workflow preferences, and your custom protocol will be created. Please note that the Bench Protocol is not a replacement for the Instructions For Use. You can find the Bench Protocol via


Amplificação NGSgo-AmpX v2

Previously, we have informed you about our NGSgo-AmpX v2 enhancer that can be used as a troubleshooting solution to improve HLA-DQB1 allelic balance for NGSgo-MX6-1. We have now extended the use of the enhancer, meaning that it can also be applied to enhance DQB1 reactions for NGSgo-AmpX v2 and SBTexcellerator (when using GenDx-LongMix SBTX). For these amplification kits, the enhancer can be ordered as a separate product. How to use the enhancer is described in the troubleshooting guide of the latest edition of the Instructions for Use, and on our website. Please note that the enhancer is to be used as a troubleshooting solution only and should not be used by default.


Conheça os kits exclusivos para amplificação de genes KIR Are you already familiar with our NGSgo-AmpX KIR kit with eight KIR genes and GenDx-LongMix? At the request of our customers, we are extending this product line for more flexibility. We have added the option to order the eight KIR genes separately instead of in a combination kit, which makes it easier to test a single gene. The NGSgo-AmpX KIR single genes do not include GenDx-LongMix, this can be ordered separately. We are also planning to add additional KIR genes to the product line soon.


Nova placa NGSgo-IndX

Our NGSgo-IndX plates are currently covered with a seal that is adhered to the plate by applying heat. It was found that in some cases, the heat can cause a minor deformation of the plastic wells of the plate. This can make it difficult to re-seal used wells with cap strips. Therefore, we are in the process of exchanging the heat seals for cap mats, that do not require any heat to cover the wells. The new IndX plates with cap mats will go into production soon.


Compatibilidade entre SBTexcellerator e SeqStudio aprovada! The Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer is a new benchtop system for Sanger sequencing. To determine whether this sequencer is compatible with SBTexcellerator, one of our Italian customers has performed a sequencing run on the SeqStudio. We have evaluated the data and concluded that it was of high quality. Therefore, SBTexcellorator can be used on the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio. If you need a declaration, you can download it here.


SBTengine 3.26 SBTengine version 3.26.0 has been released last week. The IMGT/HLA database has been updated to version 3.39.0. The update and release notes can be downloaded from our website.

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